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The center of the onion operation at the Maple Dell Road, Norwich Ontario.


MENís Farming Inc. is a family run farming operation in Norwich Ontario which specializes in growing various types of onions. The grading and packing station is located only 21 km south of the 401.

Our roots lie in the Netherlands, where we had our education in growing, trading and consulting on behalf of some of the most successful onion companies in Europe.

With innovative production methods and machinery, we try to produce and process as efficient, sustainable and costs effective as possible.

our mission

"Growing a complete line of top quality onion products, according to the highest standards of food safety, traceability and environment".

our vision

to achieve mutually beneficial and sustainable relationships, by

  • dedication to our people, our partners and our produce
  • "passion for excellence" in innovative agricultural practices
  • meeting the needs of customers and add value where possible
Six days a week we do everything we can, to serve our customers. The Sunday is our day of rest, to pay our devotions to God. We hope that everybody who works with us will respect that, as we respect other peoples principles.

Win time in the wintertime…

Bas irrigates the plants the last time before planting.

Planting shallots with a 6x1 row and a 3x2 row machine.

Our Amish workers leaving the Otter MENís Farm after a hard day of work, by horse and buggy.

Herman is windrowing the first field of Picador shallots, early August 2013.

Special machinery from Holland.

The result of dedication, passion and meeting needs… fantastic Conservor shallots.

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