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Our red onion field, to be proud of.


Efficiency, sustainability and cost effectiveness are the key words in our daily farming practices.

The resources which we try to save on are:

  • Growing time; by starting with transplants instead of seeds.
  • Water; at least 60% less use by irrigation with dripper lines.
  • Fertilizers;
    • using GPS for soil sampling and application of elementary nutrients, based on fertility and plant needs.
    • row application at planting.
    • Adjustment with fertigation (liquid fertilizers used while irrigating)
  • Chemicals;
    • application with Hardi air assistant sprayer, gives better coverage on the leafs. This implies up to a 25% reduction of active matter. Also see this news article: Bas Melissant Hardi sprayers.

Our machinery is equipped with RTK GPS to operate as accurate as possible (1 inch precision), to avoid damage to the crops and double spray coverage.

By using decision supporting software in combination with information from a nearby weather station, we can daily consider actions which are in the best interest of our crops, with minimization of expenses.

Preparing seedbed with a power harrow on tracks with RTK.

Herman seeding Red Onions with row application of Phosphate.

Transplants for red onion production.

Our self-developed tool to lay down drip tape and adjust fertilizer in the plant furrow.

Drip tape brings the water where it is needed: in the root zone. Far less loss by evaporation or washing off of chemicals from the leafs compared to overhead irrigation.

Plants, fertilizer and drip tape on its way to the field.

The Hardi sprayer with air assistance, pumps the smallest droplets into the vegetation which gives maximum coverage on the leafs. With less chemicals, we achieve a better disease and pest control.

Trimble GPS to work more accurate.

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