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First harvested Picador shallots, ready to pack for the supermarkets.


The sandy loam soils of Southwestern Ontario, containing good irrigation resources, is the region where we can grow excellent quality, early maturing crops: Premium Ontario Onions

We are equipped to grow and process the following onion types:

  • shallots
  • cooking onions
  • pearl onions
  • cipollini onions

While we strive to be the first to serve the North American market with fresh shallots and red onions, most of our produce is grown from transplants. For extended storability, we also seed a part of our acreage.

From harvest time in the end of July until March we are able to supply a quality that meets the highest standards in the market. To supply year round, we work together with growers that produce at a higher latitude (more North) and on heavier soils.

All of our onions are harvested directly into 2200 LBS boxes, which minimizes labor and quality losses. Every unit is registered with a tag before placing it into the climate controlled storage, to guarantee a 100% traceability. The produce is now always ready for processing, on customers demand.

The onions will be graded on seizing screens for the highest precision.

Everything from seed to shop is registered in Field Manager Pro 360. A report of each specific lot belonging to a load will be available for the customer. It is our guarantee for food safety and honest records for those who need it.

Windrowing pearl onions.

Harvesting pearl onions.

Processing pearl onions.

Graded pearls ready to pack.

Red onions ready to harvest.

Red onions with a high % of JUMBO’s (3 inches=76mm+) in it.

Climate controlled storage by using Vision Control from Tolsma.

All of our onions are stored in boxes and tagged for traceability.

Processing red onions.

Henry at his favorite job: stacking bags perfectly straight on the pallets.

Shallots ready to ship to the USA for peeling, Joselien Melissant (6 years old) is inspecting the shipment…

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